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Rapture Lounge

I know what you did last Thursday night...

The Rapture Nightclub
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Welcome to Rapture Lounge. Like Gaiman's Floating Market, The Rapture is a Goth Club on the move. After 14 weeks as a rooftop club we have moved our venue to a remodeled plasma center, figuring that there is no better place than a building that once sucked the blood out of people on a daily basis.
We appear once a week, on Thursday nights to provide Gainesville with a fair selection of the darkest, spookiest music out there. We are located at 9 SW 1st St. in beautiful downtown Gainesville. We also have a Member's Only club within the club called the Inner Sanctum. Being a member gets you discounts on drinks and admission and allows you access to the private events that we will be throwing from time to time. The Rapture is a work in progress, and we will be constantly changing and improving things. So if you have any suggestions, feel free to post them. Our community is open to all.

Photo by satanbutterfly